Monday, 14 December 2015

How To Speed Up Firefox and Make Run Faster

Posted by Shivang
Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers.  Firefox is Open source and free web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation. As compare Google Chrome, Mozilla is slow it takes a few seconds to start up and load pages. Sometimes it crashes while browsing and also takes time while switching two tabs.


If you are one of those who is expiring slower surfing speed in firefox, then I have got solution for this. Follow step by step guide to Speed Up Firefox Faster. If you use these tricks you will definitely see changes in browsing speed.

Steps to Speed Up Firefox and Make Run Faster

Step 1: First open Firefox browser and type in address bar about:config and press Enter. Now you'll see message Click on "I'll be Careful I promise!"


Step 2: Now type nextwork.prefetch-next in seach bar and hit enter, results will be loaded on screen. Double click on that settings and change values to falses, click on confirm ok.


Step 3: Now Again search for network.http.pipelining.maxrequestes and set the value between 8 to 15( It is no of sending requestes).


Step 4: Search for  browser.cache.disk.capacity. A pop box will apear will default value "50000". If your ram is less than 1GB set it to "5000" or If your ram is more than 1GB set it to "358400". This step is important because sometimes firefox uses too much ram, by this step you can assign limit value.


Step 5: In this last step we are going to create Boolean parameter, right click anywhere on config page and select New > Boolean. A box will appear type there config.trim_on_minimize and set value to True. It will use less ram when maximized.

Step 6: Close all tabs and Restart Firefox.

So, after applying above steps you will able to speed up firefox and make firefox run faster. If you have any question please feel free to ask by commenting down below, I'll get back to you as soons as possible and share this post with others.


  1. If we do like this it really works fast ? Generally I think google is faster than firefox.

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